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Join us in helping the teachers with School Supplies………..

IYSCF will fund raise so that for the school year 2017/2018 we will choose up to 10 schools (to the extent of our fundraising) and help these schools with as much school supplies as we can. If you would like to nominate a school for this program please contact Robert Kelly at 773.340.1211 or 773.716.4601 or email him at You have until June 12th to nominate a school. please contact us for a nomination form or print off a form for hereby clicking on link and downloading. Forms must be in by June 12th 2017 IYSCF school request

Wish to help with a donation for this project, please click on the safe and secure link here and make your donation. 



From our 1st Annual Luncheon this past October Influencing Youth was able to use our “Influence” and connect the Down Syndrome Association of NW Indiana & Chicagoland with the Italian American Labor Council & Anthony “Tony” Guida of the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters.

From this connection Mr. Guida and his friends in labor have DONATED thousands of dollars in carpentry and tiles to the Down Syndrome and their new home being renovated.

Carpenters and laborers from the carpenters union Local 1, Local 141 and Local 599 along with UAW Local 551, UAW Local 588  are doing the work and installation. UAW International also contributed with a significant donation.

Congratulations to the Down Syndrome Association of NW Indiana & Chicagoland a great organization that puts today’s kids/youth first and foremost.

Today’s Youth is Tomorrow’s Future!

Robert Kelly has been a tremendous advocate for helping others within the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana communities. He conducts himself in an extremely professional manner and knows how to use his inner circle of connections to help network and influence positive and impactful change for the organizations in which he serves. Bob has not only been a huge support to the Down Syndrome Association of NWI & Chicagoland, but he has been a great mentor and advisor for our organization too. I highly recommend Bob Kelly and the Influencing Youth organization as one to consider supporting, as Bob and his team are making great strides to help others our local communities.

Thanks again Bob for everything you do for us and within the community.

Bill Buckley
Executive Board Member & President
Down Syndrome Association of NWI & Chicagoland